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Outside conventions

The chef

I don’t like to conform. This unconventionality is reflected in the way i cook and in my way of being. After spending more than 15 years polishing up my style and going through what we can qualify as a movemented journey, I developed a blend of knowledge and techniques that I put together in every plate.

Being both artist and concerned about flavors, the creative style of cuisine that I aspire to is simple, although finely polished. Through the years, I have learned a lot from mentors who passed their vision about catering, business, management and human relationships onto me. Furthermore, the encounters, exchanges and the transmission of knowledge that I gathered from several trips have all allowed me to discover local ingredients and expertise. Altogether, my journey is what makes me able to offer you a daring cuisine that is both traditional and modern.


In addition to explore the culinary scene, here I am under different lights:

  • Hunter, fisherman, mycologist, activities that I practise responsibly
  • Special interest in baking and butchery
  • delicatessens, dehydration, smoking, fermentation and ambient microflora enthusiast
  • cooking with wood fire and charcoal
  • proud supporter of organic and biodynamic agriculture
  • Proud beer-geek


Come enjoy a drink!

Outside conventions


This name does not only draw its identity from the basement without fenestrations, it is also a nod to our nonconformism. We picked a logo that represents a bold piece of cutlery to keep you reminded of its origins. The cuisine suggested is a free interpretation of several styles, that allow the freshness and proximity of the ingredients to speak for themselves. It’s up to the chef to play with flavors as he pleases, creatively.

The full use of raw materials is one of our strengths. It allows us to offer you fair priced products. Bones, stems, peels, drippings are all used to elevate the taste of our meals.

All the five variants of the Clandestin, Cuisine créative, are available all year round and vary with to the seasons. The chef orders products according to what is available on the market. We aspire to become leaders and a place of choice in the region. We are sharing our knowledge and we hope to cater to you in the best way possible.

We love food and feasts just like you. Trust our specially designed menus and our out of the ordinary suggestions. We hope to make you live an experience as we’d like to live it too.

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